Amiuris offers all kind of legal and tax advice for foreigners and manages almost any type of process or negotiations you may need. Amiuris services are mainly oriented to both residents and non residents in who own a property in Spain.

Featured Services Foreigners Oriented

  • Legal and tax counselling (for both residents and non-residents) when selling or buying properties in Spain. This counselling includes a detailed study of the legal and urban situation of the property, transaction taxes etc; and also drafting and negotiation of all type of Real Estate agreements.
  • Succession planning that includes the study and drafting of wills, inheritances handling for foreigners either residents or non-residents, who own properties in Spain.
  • Tax filing & Representation Services for Non Resident property owners in Spain. Also the service of requesting the 3% Tax retained to a Non Resident at the time of the sale of their property.

Amiuris Firm offers multiple services in the field of Urban and Inmigration Law.

Featured Services

  • Urban Law: Processsing of building aprovals, certificate of occupancy, proceedings for the perfection of title to real property for purposes of registration.
  • Inmigration Law: Application and processing of visas and residence permits.

Concerning Commercial Law, Amiuris Firm covers the most relevant points in that field.

Featured Services:

  • Certificates of Incorporation in Spain.
  • Industrial Property Rights: Patent and trademark

In terms of Civil Law, Amiuris Firm covers all needs you may need, either if you are resident or non resident in Spain. Legal counselling, legal defense and complaints processing are just examples of the areas covered.

Featured Services

  • Legal Advice in terms of Condominium.
  • Legal Advice in terms of leasing.
  • Legal Advice in terms of Family Law.
  • Legal Advice in terms of Law of Successions.
  • Legal Advice in terms of Public Liability.
  • Legal Advice in terms of responsabilities and contracts.

Civil Procedure Law

  • Judgments and court settlements. Disputes arising from civil and commercial contracts resolution. Contract termination and resolution procedures.
  • Urban Leasing Judgments.
  • Quantity Claims: verbal and ordinary judgments.
  • Exchange law judgments, monitory judgments and precautionary measures application.