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Amiuris Lawyers is a company founded by Ms. Ana Mendoza, lawyer and solicitor. Amiuris Firm is different from the rest because they firmly believe that having a close relation with their client will improve both legal and tax counselling and will improve both legal and tax advice to both Residents and Non Residents who own properties in Spain.

Currently the number of foreigners moving to Spain has increased considerably during the last 10 years, to acquire a property, for investment purposes, as a second residence or as a retirement home, these clients need a qualified lawyer that fully understands their situation and that is able to help them with every single matter that may arise during the purchasing process, and above everything and more importantly, the assessment can be done in English, Dutch, French and Spanish.

Each case is different, that is why a personalized treatment is the key of our success by building a trustworthy and close relationship. Ana Mendoza, is a highly distinguished lawyer for her work in the fields of Civil Law, Real Estate Law and Inheritance Law, she will listen to you very carefully, and will explain in a clearly manner laying out all the best options for you.



Amiuris offers legal and tax advice for all their clients, especially to foreigners either resident or non resident in Spain.

Urban & Immigration Law

Amiuris Firm offers different services in the fields of Urban Law, Real Estate Law and Inmigration Law, covering the most relevant points of each area.

Civil Law

Amiuris covers all the needs you may have as a resident in Spain, from Legal Defence to other claims.

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If you are a Resident or Non Resident in Spain, Amiuris Lawyers is your trusted Law Firm.

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